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《Sales Distribution:Major Markets》



China, Japan, India, South Korea


USA, Canada, Brazil


Netherlands, Sweden, UK, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium


Business Principle

With a proactive attitude, our sales team members are dedicated to serving our customer with hearts and smiles. We will be an effective bridge between YGG and its customers.

We pay attention to customer feedback/comments, and handle complaints in a timely manner by communicating with relevant production/quality/engineering departments.

We strive to maintain a positive working environment, to create value and Win-Win situation for YGG and its customers.


Service Principle

Our promise is to put 100% effort behind our service, provide top quality castings.

We strive to forever maintain our competitive advantage, and fight for being the best in the world.

We aim to always provide the best delivery, and price with integrity to ensure customer satisfaction.

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