Injection Molding Machine

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Increasing industrial machinery products have been rolled out to meet the rapid development of life. Our company has a myriad of products including forging machine, hydraulic press, punching machine, automobile stamping die, processing machine tool, ceramic equipment, rolling mill, printing press, die casting machine, air compressor, compressor, mining machinery, vibration friction welding machine and others.
Slider Slider is a rotating component in a punch associated with a frame or other moving structure.
Pillar Pillar of the processing machine is un upright cylindrical part for supporting and connecting several parts with vertical rails. Weight: 11 Ton.

Tail plate Tail plate
Retaining ring Retaining ring:A part attached to an inner ring or a shaft ring to enhance the rolling bearing by means of centrifugal force so as to prevent foreign matter from entering.
Shot Shot is a carrier to inject the molten plastic into the mold cavity through a screw.
Cylinder Cylinder is a linear motion element and is the effective area of mechanical output force and piston. The pressure difference between the two sides is proportional. This product weighs 7.0 Ton.