Welding Products

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Among our radiotherapy products, the linear accelerator and gamma knife are the most famous, which are mainly deployed to treat human neurological disorders and cancers. The linear accelerator is whole-body machine, while gamma knife focuses on brain disease. Radiotherapy is a planned approach to treat cancer cells so as to contain their growth, reproduction and spread by being exposed to the radiation produced by the accelerator and live sources which can destroy the tumor.
Accelerator Accelerator is a precision welding machine in radiotherapy which can produce therapeutic wiring and harness by electrification accelerating particles.
The large disc and the small car The large disc and the small car The left picture shows a large disc and a small car for welding precision linear accelerators. It is the main welding part of the radiotherapy system and is used to support the medical equipment.

>Rack Rack: Medical equipment rack with 8.2 Ton in weight, is to support radiation equipment of brain cancer, tumor, so as to achieve three-dimensional treatment.
10T electric furnace

10T electric furnace is an electric heating device for the purpose of the intended processes such as melting, heat treatment, baking, etc. by electric heating. The specifications for the device: 2.8 * 3.0 * 4.0 m Weight: 5 Ton

Injection molding machine welding part

Injection molding machine welding part is a welding process assembles and fixes welding joints.

Size: 5.3*1.9*0.7 m Weight: 2.5 T


Crane is equipment allows the heavy objects on a hook or other extraction device to have vertical lifting or leveling motion.

Size: 2.0*2.0*2.0 m Weight: 15 ton

Processing site seat

Processing site seat plays the bearing and rotating role in the whole process.

Size : 2.9*2.9*1.3 m Weight: 5 T


Punching equipment is a bearer.
4.6*3.2*2.1 m Weight: 22 TON.


Welding base for wind turbines is for the installation of yaw bearings, gear boxes, generators and other important structural parts.

Size: 7.8*3.5*1.5 m Weight: 14 T

All other welding devices for wind turbines are available in our company.

Welding base for wind turbines

Welding base for wind turbines: A carrier is produced to protect products during transportation.
Size: 5.0*2.0*0.5 m Weight: 12 TON

油箱設備之焊接底座 Welding equipment for the tank base is a bearer.
Size: 4.5*2.4*1.6 m Weight: 12 TON