Processing Capability

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Boring and milling processing center Boring and milling processing center:our technical standards are always leading by introducing the international advanced boring and milling processing center, and having exchanges with the world’s leading processing technology companies and technical personnel, and making digestion and innovation according to the actual situation.
Gantry Machining Center

Gantry Machining Center:Purchased in Taiwan

Stroke: X 6000 mm、 Y 3400 mm 、Z 1070mm
Workbench Area: 3000×6000

Load:15 T
Precision: .04/1000mm。


CNC boring and milling machine is imported from Italy. Stroke: X    3000 mm、 Y   2000 mm 、Z 1300mm、 W   700 mm 

Workbench Area:1800×1600    Load:12 T,Precision:0.03/1000mm。


Gantry three-dimensional coordinate:we have one gantry three coordinate and one bridge three coordinate which are purchased in Sweden. The two machines’ precision, reliability and high-efficiency guarantee the quality of products.

Laser tracker Laser tracker:it is purchased in Sweden which is mainly for measuring precise and large equipment. It can provide mobile detection, greatly improving the convenience and efficiency