Spraying Capacity

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Cleaning Cleaning:high-quality cleaning agent has been used. Cleaning temperature control and surface drying treatment are perfectly and professionally done.
Salt test Salt test: surface salt contents are tested by advanced salt tester in line with ISO8502-9 standard which requires less than 3μg / cm2 so as to control the surface quality.

Sandblasting Sandblasting:sandblasting uses high-quality steel grit. Dust generated by this process will be removed by recycling system automatically removed through steel grit. The steel grit particles will be regularly checked by the screen. Compressed air will be filtered through the condenser and filter. Oil and water contents in the air will be detected regularly.
Roughness Test Roughness Test:Blast surface roughness test will use Elcomet tester for measuring surface cleanliness.
Zinc spray Zinc spray:zinc spray equipment is the arc spraying zinc machine designed and planned by the professional company in Beijing with zinc wire of high zinc content. Zinc spraying is perfectly and professionally conducted in terms of time, ambient temperature, giving customers the most reliable and satisfying quality.
Painting Painting:we have independent and professional paint factory which has passed ISO9001: 2000 and ISO14000 and also take the responsibility of environmental protection into account. We are available for products of anti-corrosion C5-M High grade which can be valid for more than 20 years.