Assembling Capacity

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proimages/Products/2/2-6/Assembly-01.png Assembly plant:our group has the assembly workshop, loading and unloading workshop and technology center. Assembly workshop and technical center are fully automated to product high-precision machines, most of which are the large-scale medical equipment and injection molding equipment, such as racks. The maximum capacity is 500 sets / year. A science and technology team with rich experience has been formed during long-term production practice which is of high efficiency and high-quality service.
proimages/Products/2/2-6/Assembly-02.png Car:Medical equipment parts
proimages/Products/2/2-6/Assembly-03.png Large disc: Medical equipment parts.
proimages/Products/2/2-6/Assembly-04.png Rack: Medical equipment parts.
 proimages/Products/2/2-6/Assembly-05.png  ARMMedical equipment parts.