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proimages/Products/2/2-7/1.JPG With the world’s most advance detection instruments, detection laboratory of each factory has Chemical Analysis Room, Moulding Sand Laboratory, Mechanical Capacity Laboratory, Flaw Detection Measuring Room, Computer CAD/CAERoom, Metallographical Analysis Room, Spectrum Analysis Room, Physical Analogy Room and over 100measuring instruments for all kinds of detection and analysis, undertaking the task of product quality control and development. The worlds’ most advanced detection technology and professional detection personnel can innovate according to the actual situation of our company, which ensures the technological level always takes the leading position in the country.
proimages/Products/2/2-7/2.JPG Universal material testing machineself-control of various patterns for test force, displacement and transformation, which completes the tests of samples’ stretch, compression and anti-bending.

proimages/Products/2/2-7/3.JPG Impulse testing machine:an instrument that can transiently test and record the characteristic curve of the materials during impulse. The largest energy is 300Joule and can run materials’ impulse test under normal and low temperature. The lowest temperature is -40
proimages/Products/2/2-7/4.JPG Metallographical Sample Polishing Machine:mainly polishes the metallographical test block. Conduct the observation of metallgraphical organization (graphite form, size), matrix structure (pearlite, ferrite, carbide), etc with metallgraphical electron microscope after polishing.
proimages/Products/2/2-7/5.JPG AmericanGEUltrasonic Testing Machine:mainly detects the internal flaws of casting.At present, our company has 28advanced ultrasonic testing machine and dozens of employees with certification of Nondestructive Testing Society of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society.
proimages/Products/2/2-7/6.JPG American Magnetic Flux and Powder Testing Machine:mainly detects the surface/ subsurface flaws of the casting. Our company has 25 magnetic powder testing machines and dozens of employee with certification of Nondestructive Testing Society of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society.
proimages/Products/2/2-7/7.JPG Three-coordinate Measuring Machine:it is information equipment used to measure and obtain the size. It can replace a variety of surface measurement tools and expensive combination gauge. Advantages: Quick and accurate measurement of size. Portable CMM three-coordinate size detector has two groups, with the maximum accuracy of ± 0.18mm.
proimages/Products/2/2-7/8.JPG Spectrum Analyzer:stimulating the metal with high pressure, make the surface of the metal gasify at topspeed and then solidify at topspeed, giving off a large amount of power, a part of which is emitted in the form of light, namely, lights with different wave length. Lights with different wave length represent different elements. The lights are incident into the slit through lens and come out from respective exit slit. Then the lights are received by photomultiplier and the latter transforms the light signal into digital signal and converts the signal integral. Finally, the element analysis results are available in the software of the computer.
proimages/Products/2/2-7/9.JPG Advanced casting solidification analogy CAE software has been used to analyze the porosity of newly developed products and to improve accordingly and timely so as to avoid quality problems in the follow-up production process. By doing so, the accuracy of process design will be improved and production costs reduced.
proimages/Products/2/2-7/10.JPG Germany Heraeus CE instrumentis mainly used to test carbon silicon content, primary crystal temperature, eutectic temperature, undercooling and other conventional parameters.