Organizational Structure

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Departmental Responsibilities



CEO Office

Design and execute corporate strategies. Monitor operational performance of the company

Production Facilities

Manufacture products according to the planning from Sales department while ensuring stable quality, control inventory levels.  Managing Facility EHS, equipment preventive maintenance, human resources, and administrative tasks.

Human Resources

Manage matters of Human Resources, General Administration, Legal, Public Relations, and EHS for the company.

Research & Development

Manage various process technologies, new product development, technical production parameters and process improvement initiatives for the company.


Manage customer relations, internal order management, sales budget forecasts, accounts receivables for the company.


Manage working capital allocation, accounting, financial budgets, taxes, and accounts payables for the company.


Manage the procurement process of major raw materials/equipment and supplier management for the company.

Information Technology

Manage and maintain the I.T. systems for the company.

Internal Audit

Manage the internal audit/control process and track improvement progress for the company.