Wind Power

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As an efficient and clean renewable energy, wind power draws increasing attention of all countries in the world. Since 2004, our company have begun the development of wind power products and accumulated years’ of experience. Now we are the supplier of leading wind turbine manufacturers which render us indispensable in the market.
Our castings consists of hub, gear box, machine frame, bearing housing, planetary carriers, pitch ring and torque arms used in 1.5MW, 2.0MW, 2.5MW, 3.0MW and 3.5MW turbines.

Hub Hub:A key component of the wind turbine that connects the main shaft and the blade. It is mainly responsible for withstanding wind and transmitting torque.
Gear box

Gear box:TTo accelerate the rotational kinetic energy generated by the wind and feed it to the electricity generator.

Common specifications:

Size: 2.1*1.1*0.8 m

Weight: 2.4 ton

Machine Frame

Machine Frame:The main structure of the wind turbine, which becomes a platform for yaw bearings, gear boxes, generators and other components.

The largest weight that our company has ever produced so far is 60 ton.

Bearing seat

Bearing Housing is used to support the bearings. A fixed bearing housing can let the bearings rotate and keep still, so the transmission of rotational energy can be maintained.

Common Specifications:

Size: 2.1*0.7*1.2 m

Weight: 1.5 ton


Planetary Carrier is one of the main components of planetary gear transmission gearbox. The planetary axle or bearing is mounted on the carrier.

Common Specifications:

Size: 1.3*1.3*1.1 m 

Weight: 2.2 ton


Torque arm is a component of the gearbox.

Common Specifications:

Size: 1.8*1.8*0.3 m

Weight: 2.0 ton

Finish machined Hub Finish machined Hub:This photo is the wind turbine hub after being machined which has a follow-up paint inspections. At present, our company has successfully developed the 3 MW wind turbine with the maximum weight of 20 Ton.
Pitch Ring Pitch Ring:A component within the wind power yaw system.

Size: inner diameter 2090 mm, outer diameter 1730 mm, height 200 mm.

Weight: 1075 kg